MS Windows, Mac, Linux

Many computer service providers are limited to specific operating systems. At Coderely, our trained professionals are knowledgeable across different platforms and tailor services based on your current needs.

PC, Laptop, Tablet

Regardless of the device you use, Coderely’s certified experts can fix your device-specific issues both remotely and on-site. We’ll diagnose the issue to determine the root of the problem and best possible solution. No device is out of reach.

Software or Hardware Issues

Whether you’re experiencing issues with physical hardware for your products, or are having difficulties with coding and programs, we’ll be able to rectify the situation. Software and hardware are both areas of expertise at Coderely.

Back-Up, Migration

Having a secure, proper back-up in place is necessary to ensure your data is never lost due to system failures and human error. Similarly, moving programs from one place to another via migration requires careful attention to detail and extensive know-how.

Virus Removal, System Clean-Up

A virus can compromise sensitive data and render your devices useless. We use high-end security technology to effectively eliminate viruses and clean up your system for a better usage experience.

Network Setup

Connecting your devices, whether you’re in an office building or at home, is necessary for complete system use. Our network setup services get you wired and ready to go.

Custom Software Development

Whether you’re a small startup or established business, we’re happy to lead you through every stage of the software development cycle. Tell us what you want to build, and we’ll take from concept to deployment.

Web Design

Solid web design is critical to attract site visitors, and we offer a full range of web designs services to keep your audience engaged and on the page.

Software Integration

We can integrate a variety of data sources with your existing software to create the ultimate solution, resulting in better synchronization across all your applications. QuickBooks can be integrated with several platforms, from Square to Salesforce. The process can be complex and time consuming; we alleviate the stress of attempting the integration yourself. There are dozens of different Microsoft Office Solutions, and we can help you navigate each and determine which are necessary for your day to day operations.