Business and Home Computing

We provide on site and remote computer services

Coderely specializes in IT Services and custom software development. For the past 14 years, we have provided cost-effective solutions for many businesses and individuals. In relation to our services, we have managed to build a strong foundation and provided satisfaction amongst our clients. We conquered industries such as health care, financial management and education. Coderely follows with the advances of today's technology, and effectively accomplishes tasks to deliver more efficient, affordable and timely solutions. We offer a wide range of services. Whether you need Computer Technical Services or custom-made software application or Web solution, our vast experience can help you save time, frustration and money.

There are many aspects we consider in performing our services. Throughout the years, we managed to find fast and perfect methods to improve our products and services and come up with more reliable solutions. Our goal is to provide ease of use functioning, which helps the user adapt to a system or software application quickly. When new demands arise, new capabilities are added without major changes to the underlying architecture. In the internet environment, where security is a big concern, we have proven technics to give your systems the capability to withstand hostile acts and influences.

Why choose us

Our goal is to provide expert service and deliver quality IT solutions to each of our clients. We fix a wide range of issues and help customers practice preventative measures to ensure an error-free computer experience for the duration of product shelf-life.

Coderely’s talented team of technicians can work on-site or remotely to fix technical issues with various devices and operating systems. We carry out a full range of computer solutions, as well as web design and custom software options.

Security is our #1 priority, and every service we provide is built to meet high-grade security protocols. Through our comprehensive set of professional services, such as IT, Network, and Security Consulting, Integration, and Managed Services, our clients are assured IT system stability.

We believe in a no-frills approach to helping clients fix their computer problems. This means we don’t have fine print, hidden costs, or push expensive unnecessary add-ons. When you partner with Coderely, you don’t have to worry about being nickel-and-dimed.

While Coderely alleviates computer-related IT issues, you’re free to focus on your business operations and doing what you do best. We allow our clients to hone-in on building better business while we take care of background noise.

There’s more to stellar support than just fixing a problem. We believe in cultivating long-term relationships with our clients and providing a stress-free experience. Our customers consistently return for future computer services because of the fast, friendly assistance we provide.


“We needed a remote computer service provider to quickly take care of a virus that prevented our employees from working. Coderely was an affordable option, and they were very friendly during our initial conversation. They quickly solved the problem when our on-site anti-virus solution didn’t work, and we couldn’t be happier.”

- Ron Schwartz, Marketing Agency

“Our new small business wanted a computer service provider that could handle a variety of tasks, from our network setup to our web design. We didn’t want to have to pay and juggle communication with several agencies. It turned out to be the perfect all-in-one partner!”

- Amanda Turner, Landscaping Business

“My home family computer kept receiving warnings that files were missing, and it was preventing us from using the computer for everyday work. I didn’t know what ‘DLL’ was or why my RAM was messing up, and Google search solutions didn’t work. Coderely fixed the problem right away, and I was very impressed with their quality of service.”

- Derek Gomez, Homeowner